Last week, we’ve worked hard on bringing a solution for school organizations (clubs, etc.) to join UH. In the working paper LNS submitted, we introduced “Non-normal Member”, which includes school organizations and many teams who could not accept our “First Place Delegate” policy. This WP is known as “2015-9-2”, which is a part of the new file numbering system. The new numbering system is introduced in another WP known as “8.1”. In this new system, all files share the same incremental number system, so there will no longer be any WP/Command shares the same number. For example, in the old one, we may have “Working Paper 8.1” and “President Command 8.1” together, which is really confusing.

We will release all passed files to public on this website from “8.1”. If everything goes well, we will use the new numbering system, and school organizations can join us!

We are open for school organizations! If you’re a leader of a school organization, please contact us to learn more about what happening in UnitedHubs.

If everything works as expected, Do Maker’s Club in Yinzhou Senior High School will be the first school organization in UnitedHubs. The new code “YGDO” will be used by Do Makers’ Club.