Last month, we worked hard together to push the development of UnitedHubs forward. Today, we’re going to announce something big for UH.

YGDO @ UnitedHubs

We’re happy to announce that Do Makers’ Club @ Yinzhou Senior High School became the first non-normal member. The club can have its own structure, but can also have strong relationship with UH, which means it can get many resources that other clubs won’t have at present. Hope we can see a better Do Makers’ Club!


GeekyTeen doesn’t only means GTC now. We’ve established GeekyTeen Committee to deal with GTB and GTC. GTB, known as GeekyTeen Bar, is special bar for all GeekyTeen members to discuss with each other. The purpose of GeekyTeen is to lead teenagers to a better environment of IT, and improve their abilities dealing with code, hardware and life. The website of GeekyTeen,, is going to receive an update later, to tell you more about GT.


As we all known, Chinese IT market is cornered by Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. They try to maintain they monopoly by purchasing little companies. To avoid this, small companies must form a union. That’s the meaning of our slogan, “smart hubs get united”. We should be clear about the market, and decline all purchase requests with special designs to protect our ability of innovation. That’s the only way to do good for the world.